Damian Budd

B.Sc. Eng. (Hons) Electronic Engineer, Hobbyist and Private Pilot

Instro Precision

Duration: October 2008 – September 2011

Position: Senior Design Engineer

  • Digital servo controller for motorized goniometer tripod head, using ARM CORTEX processor.

  • Specifications, Analog Front end and FPGA VHDL design for multi-pixel laser range finder.

  • System simulations using MATLAB.

  • Altium Designer for PCB layout, Raisonance RIDE7 and Eclipse IDE with GCC software tools, SVN Source Safe version control. Introduced Doxygen software documentation utility to company.

My first task after joining Instro was to design a digital servo controller PC board and software in C language for a motorized goniometer tripod head. The controller used on the board is an ARM CORTEX device from ST Microelectronics. I used the Raisonance RIDE7 IDE and GCC compiler for the ARM CORTEX, however I preferred to edit the code using the Eclipse IDE. I also used Doxygen style comments within the code to create software documentation from it.

The next project I participated in was a multi-pixel laser range finding sensor for a virtual fence application. The project called iDetect4All was funded by the European Union and is in the public domain (www.idetect4all.com). The first task was to perform system simulations using Matlab and create a comprehensive system model upon which the hardware design would be based. I worked on the schematic circuit for a custom Analog Front End PC board and supervised a colleague in the layout of the PC Board. My main task was writing VHDL for a Xilinx Virtex 6 FPGA to perform the low level processing and control in the sensor and interface to a PCIe bus. Following the completion of the sensor, testing and trials I have done further Matlab processing on the acquired data for the interim and final reports.

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